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Impact Report

Statistics and highlights from our 2nd year of decentralized philanthropy.

A roller-coaster year.

Through all the craziness, injustice, war and destruction 2022 brought into the world, we are reminded of the importance of community, philanthropy, and purpose in our lives. At Endaoment, we have spent the past year helping you, our incredible donors and grantees, respond to humanitarian crises, defend the climate, support the arts, build a more equitable world and so much more.

To us, there is no question where the heart of the crypto industry lies: each participant in our decentralized community foundation shows us everyday their steadfast belief in generosity and equality. In access and diversity. In de-risking new technologies for communities in need. In the power of the individual to make a difference.

There are now ten people working full-time across the broader Endaoment ecosystem. Over the past year, we've launched a completely redesigned and extensible contract architecture. New portfolio investment options for donors to grow their impact. Direct donations to any nonprofit organization and expanded fiscal sponsorship support.

Inside this report, you'll find a snapshot of our impact, growth and development in 2022, and a look ahead to what we're working on for 2023. We hope you'll feel proud of being a part of this community and the impact it's created. We would not be here without you, and we are so grateful for your support. Thank you.

The Endaoment Team

Robbie, Zach, Dae, Alexis, Mariah, Bruxa, Ruth, Vance, and Carter

Inbound Donations

Total Donations
-19% from 2021
Donation Count
Not including individual NFT mints
Average Donation Size
-50% from 2021
Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)
Unique Donors (Wallets)

Endaoment, like the rest of the crypto industry, weathered drastic volatility in the markets. Despite unfavorable conditions, we've seen a resilient and growing community leveraging Endaoment for donations.

Outbound Grants

Total Grants
+5.6m from 2021
Grant Count
+95 from 2021
Average Grant Size
+13% from 2021
Onboarded Nonprofits
+117% year-over-year
Grant Throughput
vs. 22%/year national average
Unrestricted Grants

One of the many bright spots over the past year was the growth in grant volume. We've seen an increase in overall dollars granted, across more individual grants and to more organizations.

International Relief & Development

Donors in 2022 recognized the importance of supporting organizations that work to improve the lives of people in the most dire need. Extensive grants were made to nonprofits working in international relief and humanitarian aid to provide support and essential resources to those experiencing profound hardship.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“Direct Relief's efforts are enabled by the Endaoment community, whose involvement is essential in delivering vital medical material to the world's most vulnerable people so that they have a better chance to survive, become healthy, and realize their inherent human potential.”

- Greg Mora, Associate Director, Direct Relief Intl

Providing relief in Ukraine

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, we launched a community fund to provide humanitarian assistance to folks in and around Ukraine.

“Charities around the globe are soliciting donations in crypto to aid Ukraine. Endaoment, a popular crypto giving platform, said it has raised over $2 million for charities supporting Ukraine since the onset of the war in late February.”

“Endaoment donors have saved thousands of lives and funded an effort of hundreds of volunteers feeding crowds of people who have no other means of sustenance… Very quick turnaround on getting the donation into our account and excellent customer service!”

- Daniil Cherkasskiy, Founder, Ukraine Trustchain

Alliance & Advocacy

Many nonprofits work to create positive change in society through research, public education, and advocacy for policy reforms promoting social justice and equity. Many in our community identify with and actively gave to organizations working to advance an equitable world for those most often marginalized by society.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“Endaoment donors have helped Outright International respond to LGBTIQ communities in crisis and accelerate social and legal progress around the world.”

- Dir of Leadership Giving, Outright Intl, Katie Hultquist

Reproductive Rights

The repeal of Roe Vs. Wade by the Supreme Court last June put reproductive rights in jeopardy across the nation, particularly for those in poorer, more remote communities. Nonprofits at the forefront of this fight are working tirelessly to protect the right to choose, and access to safe, affordable reproductive healthcare.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“When I got the news about Roe vs Wade being overturned, I wanted to give crypto native people an easy way to donate. That's why we created LegalAbortion.eth.”

- Nadya Tolokonnikova, Co-founder, Pussy Riot

”Fund Texas Choice was one of the first abortion travel funds to accept cryptocurrency. These crypto-funds have enabled us to sustain operations since the Supreme Court decision decimated abortion access in June. Many other abortion funds in Texas have also started to use Endaoment because of our success.”

- Rebecca Dreke, COO, Fund Texas Choice

Public Safety, Disaster Relief & Human Services

Due to the increasing number of people affected by natural and man-made disasters, as well as the growing need for organizations providing basic human services, our community has remained committed to helping these organizations bring life-saving resources and assistance to those who need it most.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“Endaoment donors fuel our mission to serve vulnerable communities before, during, and after disasters strike around the world. This could not be more true for 2022, where hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, conflict, and more have left communities devastated both in the US and abroad.“

- Melissa Flewelling, Director of Development Operations, Team Rubicon

After disasters across the US and Puerto Rico left a wake of destruction, Endaoment partnered with Circle to bring resources to those affected. In setting up the Circle Disaster Relief Fund, the stablecoin issuer has demonstrated its commitment to supporting communities in need.

Environmental Protection & Resource Conservation

These organizations work to reduce air and water pollution, conserve wildlife and biodiversity, and promote the efficient use of energy, water, and land. By supporting these nonprofits, our donors are helping to ensure that future generations have access to clean air, water, and land, and that the natural resources we rely on are managed responsibly.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“Endaoment donors' gifts to Amazon Watch are direct acts of solidarity with Indigenous peoples to empower their leadership and visions for their territories. 100% of every donation goes to Amazon Watch's program work to defend the rainforest and our climate alongside their Indigenous partners.”

- Kathy LeMay, Dir. Philanthropy, Amazon Watch

NFT Fundraising

Turnout for Burnout: Art Blocks Engine & Sostento

A joint campaign between Endaoment, Sostento and Art Blocks Engine, Turnout for Burnout leveraged generative art to combat the effects of burnout in local healthcare worker populations.

“Burnout takes the joy out of a good day. Burnout tells us our hard work is not enough. This campaign unites web3 and health workers to do something significant about it.”

– Joe Agoada, CEO, Sostento

The Art Blocks community continued to give at an impressive clip, with more than 35 artists contributing proceeds from generative art sales. These campaigns raised millions of dollars across a range of causes, including donations to the Art Blocks Community Fund.

Funding Playspace Equity: Prosocialites & KABOOM

The Prosocialites collection, featuring art by Stephen Slesinski and Courtney Hicks, is dedicated to showcasing the world-changing power of digital communities. In summer 2022, the community led a fundraising campaign for KABOOM! which raised $4,000 towards their mission of building playspaces in underserved communities. This collaboration included a $1/day donation for everyone who updated their PFP.

NFTs as Civic Engagement

“Partnering with Endaoment was simple, easy and impactful. As a Board Member of New York Cares, I was able to use their services to raise funds for Stand With Students, New York City's largest volunteer initiative to support Title I schools. Endaoment epitomizes the intersection between web3 and social good and they were the perfect partner.”

- Keith A. Grossman, President of Enterprise, MoonPay

“Endaoment has been a pivotal partner in COWGIRLDAO's efforts to raise money for abortion access. Our donor advised fund is both transparent and efficient in donating to 501c3 organizations that are unfamiliar with crypto, allowing the process of fundraising and donating to be expedited in this pivotal time.”

- Molly Dickson, Founder and Artist, CowgirlDAO

Community & Team Growth

Over the past year, we expanded our in-real-life programming and events participation, and held several targeted virtual events to help expand our community. We're looking forward to growing these programs even more in 2023, and hope to see you online or in-person at our next event! Through these events, we've grown our community to over 1,000 members, and our combined full-time and part-time employees across the ecosystem has grown to over 25 members.

With new staffing hires across:
  • Partnerships and Adoption
  • Administration
  • Donor engagement
  • Backend Engineering
  • Frontend Engineering

IRL Meetups & Virtual Events

In addition to several online gatherings, 2022 saw Endaoment's first ever in-person meetups, featuring inspiring industry talks and panel discussions.

Enhanced Features

We released a number of new features over the past year. Our mission to make giving easy and accessible to all drives us to keep iterating and improving our core user interface and developer tooling.

February: Direct Donations

Early last year we rolled out the ability to donate directly to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit via Endaoment’s on-chain grantmaking application.

Feature Screenshot

June: Sponsored Projects

In June, we gave organizations the ability to fundraise around specific initiatives, sponsorships, or campaigns. Sponsored projects allow donors to give with precision towards the outcomes they connect with most.

Feature Screenshot

October: Endaoment V2

V2 of Endaoment’s protocol introduced exciting new features including Portfolio allocations and fully composable smart contracts, alongside a delightful new design.

Feature Screenshot

November: Donation Calculator

On Giving Tuesday, we launched a calculator to help donors determine the ideal end-of-year gift amount. In just a few steps, you can illustrate your potential charitable giving tax deduction, and estimate the impact it may have on your tax savings.

Feature Screenshot

Coming Soon: the Endaoment SDK

Early this upcoming year, we will launch the first version of our developer toolkit, which makes it easy to integrate on-chain programmatic philanthropy into any app, project, or protocol.

Feature Screenshot

The Year Ahead

With Endaoment V2 now running, we've laid the foundation for the more decentralized and community-powered philanthropic protocol we have always envisioned. We're excited to continue building atop Endaoment V2, including launching the aforementioned developer tooling this coming quarter.

Our hope with every new feature and fundraising initiative is to make giving as easy and engaging as possible. Over the next year, we'll continue to push ourselves to deliver on this mission. We're excited to decentralize our Board of Directors elections, launch new swap routing logic to allow for new ways to give over time, and expand the available portfolios and strategies for Fund managers to choose from.

We're also excited to expand our platforms to support more use cases. We're working on supporting a gasless, layer 2-based version of Endaoment, where donors with no wallet or prior crypto experience can easily give traditional assets to their favorite charities. This allow us to reach a much larger audience of donors, and ultimately, make a greater impact, while providing a superior user experience running atop the Ethereum ecosystem.

Our thesis is simple: building publicly available, open-source fundraising tools for the nonprofit community inspires more people to give, and makes giving more accessible to all. We're excited to continue building on this thesis, and will continue to share the impact you're making in the world through your giving.

We can't thank you enough for choosing Endaoment to facilitate this important work. Onwards to 2023!

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