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Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief

More Organizations
LOSEV Foundation for Children with Leukemia logo

LOSEV Foundation for Children with Leukemia


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LÖSEV, The Foundation for Children with Leukemia is a non-governmental (NGO) and a not-for-profit public benefit organization that has been providing support for more than 65.000 children with leukemia and cancer, adult cancer patients and their families since 1998.

As 87 % of the families of the children diagnosed with leukemia who are registered to LÖSEV are from a low-income background and 11% have no income at all, LÖSEV provides complimentary treatment at LÖSANTE Hospital. Intensive treatment, accommodation and meals are completely free of charge for the patients and the accompanying mothers.

LÖSANTE now provides service not only for children with leukemia but also to adult cancer patients. Moreover, it is also a multidisciplinary hospital; providing medical services in other disciplines from cardiology to psychiatry.

Each year 200.000 people receive cancer diagnosis and every year a city full of people perish. Unfortunately, treatment centers are inadequate in the face of this increase and treatment success chance decrease. Due to this reason, we constructed Europe's most modern and well-equipped oncology city which serves in all branches from oncology to eye diseases, from cardiology to radiation all units.

Education Centers for Children with Leukemia help children compensate for missing school terms due to the intensive treatment. LÖSEV School has opened its doors in 2008, where 200 students receive education under the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education.

Accommodation and employment for families, who have to migrate to reach treatment facilities is a vital problem. LÖSEV has established a Village for Children with Leukemia to ease this pressure.

LÖSEV gives priority to provide social and permanent services in all its activities; thus, has been carrying out Vocational Training Courses for leukemia and cancer survivors as well as the mothers of children with leukemia. The aim of this project is to provide those compulsory migrant mothers with employment opportunities through, an eligibility certificate at craftsmanship as well as providing them with gateway and relaxation opportunity.

LÖSEV has become an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social council of the United Nations in the year 2007. Having granted vital equipment three times to LÖSANTE, The United Nations Women Guild has been a generous supporter of LÖSEV and its activities.

Meanwhile, our Founder Dr. Üstün Ezer was presented the World of Children Health Award.

We are also part of a global initiative and signatory of The World Cancer Research Declaration (WCRD) which aims to promote faster progress to defeat cancer by coordinating research among global partners and building on the worldwide investments in cancer research.

With the purpose to raise awareness to the increasing cases along with the prevention of cancer, another event pioneered by LÖSEV for the first time throughout the world is, The International Week for Children with Leukemia. This Week has been celebrated for the past 21 years on the last week of May.

The treatment of leukemia and cancer can only turn into success with the support of individuals, institutions and corporate partners from all around the world. We, as LÖSEV, believe that by sharing ideas, experiences and information, we can improve the lives of our children and provide then a healthy and therefore, better future.




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Apply the principle of leadership in the care of humanitarian relief work in its areas of work, by specialized cadres.

Mother Child Education Foundation logo

Mother Child Education Foundation


Total Donated

Since its establishment in 1993, ACEV's mission has been to make a lasting contribution to society by supporting the development of children and their environments through education starting from early years. Spanning early childhood, parenting, and adult literacy, ACEV's training programs have targeted all stages of human development and all members of the family from early childhood to parenthood. Our programs have common goals of reducing
disparities and addressing inequalities in various domains: as our preschool programs target equal opportunity, bridging the socioeconomic gap in school readiness and academic success by accessing disadvantaged children; our literacy and parent support programs address gender equality.

ACEV serves communities in need with carefully designed early childhood and adult education programs. ACEV believes that equal opportunity in education must be created for all individuals, education must begin in the early years and continue throughout the entire life cycle, both children and their families need to be supported for lasting positive outcomes.

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