Impact Report2023

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Impact Report2023

Statistics and highlights from our third year of decentralized philanthropy.

Remembering all the good.

Time flies when you're having fun—especially when paired with an incredible $24m of new donations in 2023 and $13m in grants to hundreds of nonprofits across the globe!

This year produced many highlights, including several major new partnerships and capabilities for Endaoment. We spent our time building foundational infrastructure for our future growth, all while our broader industry was forced to tend to deep wounds inflicted by banking crises, enforcement actions and fraudulent sideshows.

We understand why some might see us as out-of-touch for being so enthusiastic about the future of onchain giving. We often exist, as participants in the crypto community, in a small (but growing) echo chamber that longs to effectively share with friends and family the real-world promise of this technology.

We build this report every year to give us—and the world—a vehicle for showcasing just some of the real-world impact you've generated onchain.

It's become a favorite example of the values of positivity, intentionality and generosity that remain at the core of the emerging digital economy.

Our 2023 Impact Report is a testament to the ways in which you, the incredible community of donors and organizations that make up Endaoment, are already demonstrating what's possible when we mix financial inclusion, generosity, tax compliance, and ethical business models with emerging tech.

We are so grateful to have you alongside our small, but mighty team. May the stories and statistics in this year's report be a reminder of our capacity to make the world a better place, today.

With gratitude and excitement,

The Board of Directors, Staff and Core Contributors

Inbound Donations

Total Donations
+5% from 2022
Average Donation Size
-54% from 2022
Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)
Donation Count
+130% from 2022 (excl. individual NFT mints)
Donations Under $500

Endaoment saw a notable uptick in donations after launching on Base and Optimism last fall. Lower transaction fees on these Layer 2 chains have enabled smaller contributions on our platform than were previously feasible, leading to interesting new trends in our donor base.

Token Donation Breakdown

BitcoinEtherUSDCTether USDOthers (incl. stock & cash)

Outbound Grants

Total Granted

Includes $79.5k from the Universal Impact Pool

-4.9m from 2022
Grant Count
+127 from 2022
Average Grant Size
-43.4% from 2022
Recipient Orgs
+70% from 2022
Grant Throughput
vs. 22%/year national average
Unrestricted Grants

As with donations, our deployment on Layer 2 scaling solutions resulted in an increase in the overall number of grants, but a decrease in their average size as smaller grants became more accessible.

Causes Supported

CauseGrant EventsRecipient OrgsTotal Raised
Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations15129$2,172,384.36
Human Services21044$804,384.89
Recreation & Sports157$463,032.61
Youth Development2618$417,322.37
International, Foreign Affairs & National Security32931$402,334.28
Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief11815$288,104.09
Health Care9838$262,454.01
Arts, Culture & Humanities16232$198,569.03
Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy4318$110,594.42
Public & Societal Benefit4425$73,250.99
Medical Research128$47,769.35
Community Improvement & Capacity Building1710$38,732.49
Science & Technology105$33,710.45
Voluntary Health Associations & Medical Disciplines2014$23,283.48
Crime & Legal-Related108$18,976.13
Housing & Shelter135$18,537.01
Food, Agriculture & Nutrition2715$18,288.91
Mental Health & Crisis Intervention107$11,228.48

The categorizations of organizations presented in this report are based on the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes. These codes are self-reported by the organizations in their filings with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These classifications rely on the organizations' self-assessment and may not fully encapsulate the entire breadth or specifics of their operations and activities.


In 2023, donors continued to support a spectrum of educational entities, ranging from traditional schools to higher education and extracurricular programs. These organizations work to bridge educational gaps, enhance critical thinking, and equip students of all ages with vital skills.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“Endaoment's unique model of community giving, coupled with the Universal Impact Pool's matches, has been great for our cause. These contributions signal a collective belief in our mission, allowing us to scale our efforts and deepen our impact. We're not just funded, we're fueled by a community that envisions a brighter future alongside us.”

- Ryan Beltran, Co-Founder of Elequa (Make Water)

“Thanks to your support, Sierra Leone girls receive scholarships covering tuition, uniforms, books, and other essential school supplies. You are helping them stay in and continue their education, the first step towards achieving their dreams and self-sufficiency.”

- Sylvester Renner, Associate Director, Develop Africa

Arts & Culture

Our donors continue to embrace a variety of arts and humanities programs, recognizing their vital role in enriching lives and fostering community resilience. Contributions flowed to a diverse array of initiatives, from local creatived endeavors to large cultural institutions, all aimed at preserving heritage, encouraging creativity, and building bridges across diverse communities.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“The generous support we've received though Endaoment donors has enabled our organization to increase stipends for our annual fellowship program and provided us funding for general operations to help us continue the work we are doing to keep open source software for the arts accessible and free to artists, educators, and technologists around the world.”

- Dorothy Santos, Executive Director, Processing Foundation

“Ultimately, these gifts make a meaningful difference in the lives of the artists that we serve– even extending to those who see, read, or hear the works of those artists.

It's such a great thing that these general purpose gifts can compound in value through the Universal Impact Pool, and they do so automagically. Thanks, Endaoment!”

- Nic Knight, Executive Director, Helene Wurlitzer Foundation

Disaster Preparedness & Relief

In 2023, amidst a backdrop of global conflicts, donors showed steadfast support for organizations adept in responding to both natural disasters and the dire consequences of war. These groups concentrate on readiness, immediate aid, and sustainable recovery, striving to fortify and heal communities in urgent need during tumultuous times.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“On February 6, 2023, a series of earthquakes struck the region along the border of Syria and Turkey, leading to widespread devastation and loss of life...

Following the earthquakes, the Web3 community stepped up, donating more than $11 million in the 48 hours following.”

“Endaoment’s multi-chain ability is of huge benefit yielding lower gas fees on donations, allowing both crypto donors & the IRC to benefit with more of the final donation going towards our efforts on the ground, & into the important work we do across 50+ countries worldwide.

We’re equally excited by the UIP & believe quadratic funding can be of huge importance, not just to us, but to the whole sector as more organizations realize the potential of crypto philanthropy.”

- Adam Essa, Crypto Philanthropy, International Rescue Committee

Responding to wildfires in Maui

In early August 2023, a series of devastating wildfires swept through Maui, prompting an immediate and compassionate response from the community. Donors swiftly mobilized to support organizations offering aid and resources, prompting a corresponding shift in grant distributions to these orgs from the Universal Impact Pool in Q3.

“People came in and bought charitable NFTs and didn't ask about some speculative value or when prices will go up... using NFTs for charity is a category that's durable and sustainable.”

- Nihar Neelakanti, co-founder, Ecosapiens

Human Services

Many donors direct their generosity towards organizations providing essential support and empowerment to individuals and communities in need. These orgs encompass a wide range of services, from basic necessities like food and shelter to more complex needs such as mental health support and job training, playing a crucial role in improving lives and fostering sustainable community development.

# of Grants
Recipient Orgs
Total Raised

“It has been fabulous to host our Q4 fundraising on the Endaoment platform! It's exciting to be able to track the donations from all of our supporters as well as what we might be eligible for from the UIP. I've also enjoyed sharing Endaoment and the UIP with our community.”

- Maya Coleman, Executive Director, Hand in Hand Parenting

“Just finished a great call with Feeding Westchester, one of the 5 charity orgs that received donations last year via my NimFund on@endaomentdotorg

I explained cryptoart, DAFs, and how smart contracts can automate charitable donations.

Feels good man. This is how we build.

- @bryanbrinkman, Digital Artist & Donor

Community & Industry Engagement

From participating in and hosting key events, forming strategic partnerships and engaging in civic initiatives, we spent 2023 nurturing robust connections within our broader industry.

These endeavors broaden our network, amplify our influence in the realms of blockchain and philanthropy, and demonstrate our commitment to driving progress and fostering collaborative growth.

Partnerships & Integrations

2023 was a year of dynamic partnerships for Endaoment, both new and renewed, each expanding our technological and operational horizons and deepening our impact across various sectors.

Community Gatherings & Educational Events

Last year, we hosted and attended various influential gatherings, from educational seminars and casual meetups, to conferences and industry summits. These events were an opportunity to showcase Endaoment, immerse ourselves in the evolving landscape of blockchain and philanthropy, learn from peers, and contribute to crucial conversations.

Bear Market Building

We released a number of new features over the past year. Our mission to make giving easy and accessible to all drives us to keep iterating and improving our core user interface and developer tooling.

February: Endaoment for Developers

Kicking the year off, we shipped critical infrastructure for monitoring our own ecosystem internally, while open sourcing this data to developers through three new tools for building with the Endaoment protocol.

Feature Screenshot

May: Enhanced Search & Filtering

When we launched our partnership with GlobalGiving, expanding support for thousands of new nonprofits across 150 countries, we knew we had to revamp the discovery experience for donors. Meet our newest Explore page.

Feature Screenshot

June: Universal Impact Pool

Activity on Endaoment is itself a form of curation by our community to find the most worthy nonprofits in the world. We partnered with Gitcoin to launch the Universal Impact Pool, a first-of-its-kind automated community matching fund. Through quadratic funding, quarterly matching grants from the UIPprogrammatically boost every gift made on our platform.

Feature Screenshot

September/October: Account Abstraction & Layer 2 Scaling Solutions

Right in time for the closing days of “Onchain Summer”, we launched support for two OP Stack chains: Coinbase's BASE, and OP Lab's Optimism. This led to a notable uptick in small donations and new users trying out Donor-Advised Funds.

Feature Screenshot

October: Endaoment for Everyone

By lowering costs, scaling solutions are a key driver of mainstream adoption. In October, we leveraged our new L2 deployments to roll out support for users with no prior experience with digital assets. Onchain giving is now accessible to millions of new and existing DAF advisors.

Feature Screenshot

The Year Ahead

2024 is shaping up to be an even bigger example of the need for a robust, internet-native community foundation. Over the next year, the global financial system will continue to be reshaped by the internet revolution. As more digitally-derived economic instruments and investors become part of the mainstream, more families and individuals will demand updated services built atop this new paradigm.

Endaoment is well positioned to welcome the millions of investors who also serve as DAF advisors into our upgraded system for giving. We're already hard at work on more features and services to appeal to a wider range of existing donors and financial advisors, while maintaining our commitments to decentralization and transparency.

The immutable, accessible and affordable financial system of the future is already here. Only migration and adoption lie between ushering in a new culture of philanthropic activity, abundance, ubiquity and transparency.

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