About Endaoment

The Philanthropic Institution of the Future

Our onchain infrastructure and web-based philanthropic services make a faster, more transparent giving experience.

We manage and encourage charitable giving using emerging technologies.

Our platform is built onchain and powered entirely by smart contracts, a new kind of digital agreement facilitated on a blockchain. Together with our easy-to-use donation and grantmaking application, we’re building a better way to give, with values and functionality aligned for the internet generation.


We elevate diverse voices. We are most impactful when our organization and our work include people from varied backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives. We are stronger together.


We create systems that encourage philanthropy as well as heightened involvement between grant recipients and donors. We have the most power when we work closely with one another.


We listen deeply and treat each other with kindness. We ask for and seek to understand the ideas of those both within and outside of our community.


We focus on moving donated dollars from donors to nonprofit organizations with minimal fees and overhead. We aim to align our organizational incentives with those of the DAF holders, allowing us to focus closely on impact.


We learn from and with our partners to achieve meaningful impact.


We achieve our strongest impact when we work together to determine best practices surrounding governance and oversight.

Board of Directors

Robbie Heeger
President & CEO

Founded Endaoment in 2019. Experienced consumer technology operator & builder.

Carter Wilkinson
Treasurer & Secretary

Startup veteran and operational expert focused on entity architecture and legal compliance.

Ruth Bender

Philanthropy and donor-advised fund expert with two decades of domain specialization.

Vance Spencer

GP & Founder of Framework Ventures providing value and insight into global crypto adoption.

Maggie Love

SheFi Founder, formerly with W3bCloud and ConsenSys, driving inclusivity in emerging technologies.

Core Team

Robbie Heeger
New York, NY

President & Chief Executive Officer

Zach Bronstein
New York, NY

Chief Operating Officer

Ricardo Pedroni
Curitiba, Brazil

Chief Technology Officer

Dae Moyer
Los Angeles, CA

Communications & Programs

Noah Gallant
New York, NY

Product & Design Lead

Alexis Miller
Washington, D.C.

Partnerships & Donor Relations

Pedro Yan Ornelas
Brasilia, Brazil

Principal Engineer

Ishaan Bharal
Dallas, TX

Software Engineering

Mariah Herrera
Newark, NJ

Chief of Staff

Durham, NC

Donor Engagement Producer

Pietro Bertarini
Brasilia, Brazil

Jr. Backend Engineer

Vishal Kapadia
Rome, Italy

Growth & Integrations Lead

Software custom-built by innovators in onchain compliance.

Endaoment.Tech, the software development firm responsible for making the Endaoment Protocol, builds compliant grantmaking tools for onchain institutions. The Endaoment application and onchain contracts were built from the ground up with decentralized software, services and design practices in mind. Using the combined efforts of Endaoment.Org and Endaoment.Tech, we’re bringing composable, compliant and tax-efficient grantmaking to market.

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