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Accept credit, debit, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, stocks, and—of course—crypto

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Accept digital and traditional assets, all at no additional cost

All donations and organizations are subject to the Endaoment.Org Organization Funding Due Diligence Policies.


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Our platform is powered entirely by smart contracts, a new kind of digital agreement facilitated on a blockchain. This unlocks powerful advantages for nonprofits.

Lightning fast grant distribution–
most gifts delivered within 48 hours

Widest selection of self-service complex donation methods

Free for nonprofits–
industry low 1.5% donor fees

Every gift matched through the Universal Impact Pool

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Claim your organization by connecting a bank account or crypto wallet.

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Once your claim is approved by the Endaoment nonprofit staff, all grants are delivered to your chosen destination.

Traditional Assets

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Digital Assets

Accept any crypto or NFT

Industry-low 1.5% donor fee
For Nonprofits, By A Nonprofit

We are a grantmaking foundation offering free, modern donation infrastructure for every nonprofit

Accept Crypto, Cash and Stocks

Donors can give directly to your organization, or recommend a grant from a donor-advised fund or community fund. All non-cash gifts are immediately liquidated, and tax receipts are programmatically distributed to donors based on the liquidation price.

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Universal Impact Pool

Our first-of-its-kind algorithmic matching fund amplifies every Endaoment donation with quarterly distributions. The more people give to your organization on Endaoment, the more matching funds you receive.

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Dollars Sent Directly to Organizations

While most nonprofits opt to receive funds via ACH, organizations with existing Ethereum wallets may opt to receive grants as USDC stablecoin.

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No Charge to Nonprofits

As a 501(c)(3) organization ourselves, Endaoment operates its platform as public infrastructure, and we never charge nonprofits to use our services. Donors pay an industry low fee of 1.5% on all donations.

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PlatformStatusAccepts cryptoDonor FeeOrganization FeeContract**DAFs
for Orgs
Nonprofit1000+ Tokens1.5%$0No
Charles SchwabFor-profitBTC/ETH*0.6% of DAF Assets$0No
FidelityFor-profitBTC/ETH*0.6% - 1.6% of DAF Assets$0No
EngivenFor-profit~100 Tokens4.0%Varies based on volumeYes
ClassyFor-profitBTC/ETH/USDC3.0% - 6.0%$0No

*Large minimum donation size
**Contract Required Between Nonprofit and Platform