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Any 501(c)(3) can accept crypto donations, delivered as dollars.*

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Accept crypto at no cost, no prior knowledge necessary.

*All donations and organizations are subject to the Endaoment.Org Organization Funding Due Diligence Policies.

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Find your organization on Endaoment

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Claim your organization by connecting a bank account or crypto wallet

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Once your claim is approved by the Endaoment nonprofit staff, all grants are delivered to your bank account or crypto wallet.

What else does Endaoment provide nonprofits?

Accept any major token delivered as dollars

Bespoke customer service

Free for nonprofits

Industry-low 1.5% donor fee & easy withdrawals

Optional board-approved crypto portfolios

Earn protocol funding through Endorsements

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Crypto Donations

Accept donations of 1,000+ different digital assets

No crypto experience needed
Easy Handling

Receive all grant awards as dollars to your bank

Or as stablecoins to a wallet
Public Donation Infrastructure for Nonprofits

Organizations should never have to turn away a cryptocurrency donation.

Donors Give Crypto

Crypto holders donate directly to your organization, or recommend a grant from a donor-advised fund or community fund. All gifts are immediately liquidated, and tax receipts are programmatically distributed to donors based on the liquidation price.

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No Charge to Nonprofits

As a 501(c)(3) organization ourselves, Endaoment operates its platform as public infrastructure, and we never charge nonprofits to use our services. Donors pay an industry low fee of 1.5% on all donations.

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Dollars Sent Directly to Organizations

While most nonprofits opt to receive funds via ABA wire ($15 bank fee deducted), organizations with existing Ethereum wallets may opt to receive grants as USDC stablecoin.

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Passive Funding

As the Endaoment ecosystem collects fees on various transactions, we redistribute excess fee revenue to organizations based on community endorsements.

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Portfolio Allocations

Don't let donated capital sit idly by. Easily deploy dollars granted to your organization into countless DeFi yield bearing and crypto investment options.

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*Large minimum donation size
**Contract Required Between Nonprofit and Platform