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Any token, delivered as dollars, to any nonprofit.

Interact with real nonprofit experts, at zero cost

Fully on-chain funds, organizations, and allocations

Direct Donations, Community Funds, Donor-advised Funds

Facilitated crypto allocations

Tax-advantaged portfolios

Passive funding through fee redistribution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Overview: How does Endaoment Work
Why donate through Endaoment?
What are Donor-Advised Funds?
What is a Direct Donation?
What are Community Funds?
What fees are involved? How does Endaoment fund operations?
Has Endaoment undergone a Security Audit?
Donors: Donate Crypto, Grant Dollars
What Tokens/Chains/Wallets are supported?
How do I start a Donor-Advised Fund? What does it cost?
Can I donate to an Organization directly?
Can I donate to a Fund without using the app?
What is a Donation?
What is a Grant Recommendation?
What do I need to do for taxes?*
Organizations: Claim Org, Receive Grants
Is Endaoment a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit?
How do I receive granted funds from Endaoment?
How do I claim my Organization?
How do I accept Endaoment grants?
Can I change the data displayed for my Organization?