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An inclusive, flexible, and self-service giving experience for donors with a diverse mix of assets.

Wide-range Asset AcceptanceVerifiable, Onchain ReceiptsDelightful InterfaceTraditional + Onchain Portfolios1.8 Million Global + U.S. Nonprofits

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For Financial Advisors

Aligning Advisors with Tax-Deductible Giving

Optimize donations, retain AUM, and strengthen client relationships.

Only pay for services provided

Funds are charged a one-time admin fee of 1.5% with competitive expense ratios across risk-on and risk-off investment portfolios.

Make complex giving simple

A unified, seamless giving experience for any asset a client might wish to donate. Say goodbye to third parties or multiple DAF providers.

No-minimum private wealth portfolios

Quickly establish management oversight of donated capital inside your existing custodial infrastructure at no minimum balance—an industry first.

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Investment Options for Every Kind of Donor

Traditional or digital, impact investments or index funds, private or public—we have it all.

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

Select from our curated library of actively managed investment portfolios.

Endaoment portfolio options

Fine Tune or Set and Forget

Choose from targeted positions in specific investments or set allocation targets across multiple portfolios.

For Nonprofits

Simplifying Complex Gifts for Every Nonprofit

Accept all kinds of donations without lifting a finger.

Seamless donations of nearly any asset

Process donations of crypto, stock, cash and more at no cost to your organization with our public profile pages for every 501(c)(3).*

Eliminate accounting and custodial overhead

Donated dollars are wired directly to a US bank account or digital wallet for free. We’ll handle tax receipts, liquidation and accounting.

Leverage novel fundraising tools

Through the Universal Impact Pool, every donation is amplified. Fundraise on Endaoment, and your organization will receive a quarterly bonus.

Look up an organization

Claim any U.S. 501(c)(3) organization to receive funds*

*Provided the organizaton is in good standing with the IRS and meets Endaoment’s Organization Funding Policy

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